Brothers of Justice Motorcycle Club was founded by 17 members of Law Enforcement from different Departments and Fields, both active and retired law enforcement personnel.  United by a common sense of duty and the enjoyment of motorcycling, it provides every member an outlet for social, recreation, service, and charity.  It is every member’s goal to have a voice in the Brothers of Justice MC and promote a sense of ownership and pride through camaraderie and common interests.  Such participation enables the Brothers of Justice MC to give back to the community and promote a safe riding environment by sharing the open road with the motorcycle community and their families.



The club crest consists of a dagger draped by the American flag, with a Gold Star, two revolvers, and the Scales of Justice.


The Gold Star is in honor of all the fallen heroes.  We must never forget the sacrifice these brave men and women made.  This star is our expression of our gratitude to the fallen Officer's families for the ultimate sacrifice of their loved ones.


The American Flag flown in the background, honors the Men and Women who have fought for this great nation.  Some paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives for the freedoms we all enjoy today.  The Brothers of Justice MC say, "Thank You and wants you to know that You Will Never Be Forgotten"!  The design intention of the American flag is to signify that it is being flown in the wind, hence the swag.  In being flown in the wind it is imagined that the flag is being held by a staff in which such intention the Union (blue portion with stars) would be at the top of the staff.  In being flown in our design it does not carry the intention of being displayed flat.  In such a manner of being flown is to signify that Freedom and Justice will prevail. 


The Scales of Justice with the revolvers is a symbol of the profession we chose, it represents the battle we face every day in the pursuit of justice.  It is a reminder that we must always overcome adversity to insure that Justice Will Always Prevail.





The Founder Patch is worn on the front of the cut by the 17 original founding members who started the Brothers of Justice MC.


The Member Patch is worn on the front of the cut by all other members of the Brothers of Justice MC.

"Riding for Justice"

Where to Find Us:


6625 W. Cermak Rd.

P.O. Box #64

Berywn, Illinois 60402

Info: info@brothersofjusticemc.com


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